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Friday, September 21, 2018


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THUMBS UP GIRLAh-Ha Moment – (noun)

1.  An instant at which the solution to a problem becomes clear.

2. A point in time when one realizes something for the first time.

3. Also known as an epiphany.

Habits are an essential part of our life they help us stay focused to reach specific goals. Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to either break or form a habit. Research shows that anything you do repeatedly and with passion becomes your reality.

We all learn at our own speeds. “Ah-Ha” moments can occur at different times for different individuals. True understanding (getting it) may not happen for everyone at the same time. But inevitably, if you keep practicing, you reach a new level of realization, something you didn’t truly understand; a transfer of learning then becomes your “Ah-Ha!” moment.

“Ah-Ha” moments are turning points in learning. They are the times in which trainees say, “Now I’ve got it, now I get it!” and apply knowledge, skills and attitudes they gain in training to their jobs.

It’s that moment of clarity where real wisdom is gained and true learning occurs. It’s when you have an idea or problem that you have struggled with in your mind finally makes sense. It’s as if something clicks within your mind and suddenly things are more in focus than they ever were before.

Every one of us has had these “Ah-Ha” moments from time to time in whatever it is that we do. When an “Ah-Ha” moment occurs, it is usually accompanied with satisfaction, joy, or a sense of accomplishment from finding the answer to something, or solving a problem that may have prevented us from completing a task.

Companies need to create a learning environment where these types of experiences can occur. People learn best when they satisfy their natural need of discovery. Learning programs should invite and encourage discovery as part of the learning process. Training is more than just putting content in front of a learner and expecting them to understand and apply it. “Ah-Ha” moments need to be encouraged and provided for to create that moment where the light goes on and the learning sticks.


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