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Friday, September 21, 2018


June 30, 2012 by  
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The mission and vision are the heart of any company. They are the central reason for existing, the distinctive belief system which drives successful company operations, and something significant that should be deeply rooted in the corporate culture.

Three of the Encarta Dictionary’s definitions of the word “heart” include:

  • Character: somebody’s essential character
  • Spirit: the capacity for courage and determination
  • Disposition: a mood, mental state, or frame of mind

Since cultures are the shared beliefs, practices, values, or social behaviors of a particular group of people, it’s only natural that corporate cultures exemplify the practices, shared mindset and fundamental traits of an organization. Once the inclusive culture is created and effectively communicated, employees understand the importance of their job, how they fit into the bigger picture, then their engagement (frame of mind, mood) truly becomes ‘the way we do things around here’.

Being there doesn’t just mean being their physically, it means being there physically, emotionally and mentally. It means being ‘fired up’ – giving it your all (capacity for courage and determination), being engaged and focused in what you do (essential character). Employee engagement is the individual’s willingness and ability to contribute to company success by feeling fully involved and enthusiastic about their jobs and the organization.

Engagement requires a commitment, a commitment on the part of the employee, as well as on the part of the employer. In order for the company to thrive, the culture must thrive. In order for the culture to thrive the shared beliefs, practices and behaviors must be maintained.

‘Fire up’ engagement and support commitment by:

  • Setting and communicating meaningful goals with each employee
  • Reinforcing, recognizing and rewarding dedication
  • Providing opportunities for personal job growth tied into business strategies
  • Encouraging and valuing initiative
  • Communicating, communicating, communicating

As always, be the example for what you seek in others.


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