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FrameworkInstructional Design – “The How”

What is instructional design and why is it important?

Instruction is a plan of teaching and the use of learning activities in which learning is organized. Instructional design is the systematic process by which educational materials are designed, developed, and delivered. It is the practice of creating learning experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skills more appealing and effective – an ‘outcome driven’ process from start to finish.

There are many different approaches or design models used by instructional designer, but all contain some of the same ‘key’ elements or phases: analysis, development, application and assessment. The phases can be interrelated and sometimes overlap.

  • Analysis – is the foundation for the entire process. Outputs of this phase help determine instructional goals and lists of tasks to be instructed.
  • Development –generates the actual ‘lesson plans’ (use of content, exercises and activities).
  • Application – is the actual delivery of the instruction, usually conducted as a ‘pilot’ course to test timing, effectiveness of content and delivery of instruction.
  • Assessment – should actually occur throughout the entire instructional design process – ‘fine-tuning’ to ensure a successful outcome.

There are a lot of factors that should be considered during the instructional design process. These factors should be organized into the instructional design phases.

  • whom to teach
  • what is to be taught/learned
  • what is the best way to deliver the material
  • how is success measured

Curriculum design is ‘what’ the learner will learn, instructional design is ‘how’ they will learn it.


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