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Organizational structure is the framework within an organization whereby strategies and objectives are aligned in a manner to support the company’s mission and vision. It refers to the way an organization arranges roles and responsibilities, and interactions with all system processes so that work can be performed and goals can be met.

Organizational structure is more than just an, “Org Chart,” it helps determine and define the guidelines, parameters and business processes necessary for a group to accomplish a primary objective.

An organizational structure determines critical tasks necessary for operational effectiveness. Tasks are organized into sequences of activities, or processes that will accomplish a specific organizational goal (design a product or provide a service). It is the processes that make things happen.

The business process is very important. It is the place where inputs and outputs meet. A business process is the set of coordinated and collaborative activities designed to produce specific outputs for a particular customer or market. The activities define how work is done and provide instructions by which a department, staff member, or other resource performs their responsibility as efficiently as possible to deliver value to customers.

Organizational structure is critical for the company and its employees. It must be aligned with business strategies and communicated clearly to lead to long-term success of individual employees and the company as a whole.

Is your organizational structure and process clearly understood?

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