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Thursday, May 24, 2018


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Learning . . . who’s responsibility?

Responsibility is an obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task (you assign to yourself, or is assigned to you by someone else), that must be fulfilled, which has a resulting penalty for failure.

Why talk about responsibility? Training participants are expected to take responsibility for their own learning. Yes, the facilitator (to make easy) has a role to play in the learning, and the participant’s manager (to provide time for applying learned skills in the workplace) has a role to play as well, but ultimately the responsibility for learning rests in the hearts and minds of the participant (learner) themselves.

Learning is an ‘active search’ for meaning or understanding. It’s about making connections. Those connections can occur both formally (classroom setting) and informally (casual contact outside of the classroom setting).

  • Classroom Setting: Making connections through the use of training support materials, related content, and activities that stimulate those connections – providing opportunities for the learner to relate to what is being taught with their own experiences and knowledge to apply the learned skill beyond the classroom.
  • Outside of the Classroom Setting: Making connection through thinking and the actual application and mechanics while on the job.

Responsibility enters in when the participant (learner) takes charge of their learning. They must identify their strengths and weaknesses and be open to alternative perspectives.

Learners need to ‘own it.’

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