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Friday, September 21, 2018


January 31, 2012 by  
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In this day and age of fast food, instant messaging, “twexting”, 4G cell phones, and iThis and iThats, a lot of peoples’ time is being spent playing around with mobile devices and less in face-to-face communication. The really sad part is, this is happening with employees while on the job. Not only are important tasks not being completed in a timely manner, if at all, but in many cases customer service is severely lacking, or even nonexistent.

Workers are often seen either talking on their cell phones, or texting –  with their heads down, fingers fiercely typing away while in a hypnotic state instead of working. If talking on the phone, they are more intent in discussing personal plans or complaining about their work schedules than being attentive to customers and customers’ needs. And, it is not just happening on the sales floor. Try cleaning a sink, or mopping a floor in a public restroom while talking on the cell phone or texting.

For those individuals that have an extra appendage on their hand or ear, and seem to be magnetically attracted to each other (man to phone, phone to man) much like an intense magnetic field, I call them, “Mobile Magnets” (MM).

More and more workers depend heavily on their mobile device as their only way of communication. When confronted with face-to-face communication, they seem to stumble all over themselves finding it difficult to carry on a conversation.

With many choices for the variety of services available, do not be so foolish as to think a customer will continue to do business with you because you are the only vendor/supplier of a particular item. And, do not think for a moment that you do not have competition.

Customers will be loyal to and do business with companies they feel have their best interests at heart, companies that care and are courteous. Customer service is based on emotions, the customers’ feelings and perceptions are their reality.

Reciprocity is a basis of trust and a basis for legitimate power. It is the action of others responding in kind based upon the principle way they are treated, hopefully responding to a positive action with another positive action.

As a customer, if you treat me right, assist me when I need help, and recognize my existence, I will gladly spend my money with you, returning many times. If you take me for granted and ignore me, I will go elsewhere. Either way, I will tell my friends about you.

Mystery Shop your company to witness what your customers are seeing and experiencing.

Something to think about before you hear, “Remember me? I was your customer”.

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