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March 31, 2012 by  
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When asked to produce evidence of the value of training, many learning professionals are challenged to produce a Return on Investment (ROI) financial report to justify the monies and employee time spent on a training initiative.

There are many ROI methods and software programs available, but it is nearly impossible to accurately assign monetary measures to all the multitude of factors that impact a learner’s performance, or the value of the acquisition of knowledge. Many times the measures used to determine ROI don’t really have a direct correlation to an employee’s change in behavior.

Perhaps the more rational way of showing the value of training is by observing its long-term effect. Since many stakeholders are involved in the learning initiative, many different outcomes are expected.

The “key” stakeholders involved in the development and success of a learning initiative are:

If the employee is able to produce more widgets, reduce the need for a repeat calls to the Help Desk, increase sales income, provide customer service satisfaction, does this not eventually turn into money?

It’s hard to assign a “price” to a person’s success, feeling of worth or achievement. True measure of learning initiative success is the return on expectations (ROE).



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