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Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Brainstorming is a process used for creating resourceful solutions to problems. It works by several individuals focusing on a specific problem and spontaneously proposing ideas as possible solutions. The idea is to uncover as many solutions as possible, then determine the best course of action for problem resolution.

Brainstorming is also helpful in bringing people together to work as teammates. It provides an opportunity for individual’s to share their ideas, expand on shared ideas, or offer new ones, leading to buy-in, refinement, agreement and development.

There are certain guidelines to keep in mind when conducting a brainstorming session, those include:

  • Clear definition of problem – central standard used in making a decision.
  • Inclusion of wide-ranging stakeholders – the more experience the better.
  • Ground rules – no criticism, or censoring of ideas, individuals need to feel comfortable participating.
  • The more the merrier – greater number of ideas that are created, lead to greater chances of developing effective problem resolution.
  • Wait to eliminate – ideas can be combined and refined, making them better ones.
  • Evaluate – consider or examine the value, quality, and importance to determine the best action to correct the problem.

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